How to provide premium service to your security product customers

In today’s world, it is not enough to have a premium product, you need to provide premium service. The service aspect, especially for security SaaS products, is critical for your customers.

Premium service in the security world means understanding your customer’s concerns, risks and challenges. You need to be sensitive to your customers and be able to react quickly and effectively once a security issue was detected.


Here are 4 important tips for Customer Success Manager for security products:

  • Be flexible – security attacks can occur 24*7 with no advance notice, make sure you have the right mechanism in place to provide support off business hours.

The Customer Success manager should be informed of major security issues with his account and follow up accordingly. Talk to your customer to see if there are any lessons learned or processes to fix for the future.

  • Be knowledgeable – know about your customer environment and where your product fits. If your products is located in a sensitive main point in the customer’s architecture, then both the organization and the CSM are required to be able to react quickly and effectively.

The CSM shouldn’t necessarily be an engineer, but should have enough knowledge understanding the issues and bugs in order to transmit them properly in the organization. Remember – you are the voice of the customer.

  • Be creative – always think how you can your work to improve the added value your customer is getting. Be open minded, listen to your customers and help your organization identify the pain points your customers face. When you start your engagement with a customer, make sure their expectations and concerns are perfectly clear, they will be the compass for your work.
  • Be engaged– customers will appreciate you if you are there when they need it. When they face a security incident and they call you, make sure to provide them with 100% of your attention and do all you can in order to help them face the crisis. They will remember it and appreciate it.

In the security world, your products are mainly an insurance, so as long as everything is calm, your engagement with the customer will be normal. When a real security issue occurs, both the product and the service will be put to the test. A CSM usually cannot fix the product, but can defiantly assure good service.

Setting the right expectations and working procedures will help you face these sensitives situation in a more successful way and assure quality service to your customers.

Ariela Belzer is a Customer Engagement Manager in F5 Networks. Ariela has joined F5 with the acquisition of Versafe in 2013 and is working closely with the company’s Anti-Fraud and Silverline customers globally.

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